5th IOV Youth Congress 2017

The 5th IOV Youth congress took place in My?lenice, Poland, from July 13- 16, 2017, with 20 participants from countries such as Hungary, Belarus, Vietnam, Bahrain, Syria, Guatemala, Senegal and Austria, at the Malopolska School Of Hospitality.

Participants spent a week in a flurry of cultural exchange, teaching one another about stories and aspects of their heritage close to their hearts. Presenters gave away paintings, demonstrated dances and played traditional instruments, while dressed in their country’s national costumes.

The conference was directed by Mr. Pitor Szewczyk, along with a team of volunteers and some IOV alumni. It was launched with a speech by the President of the IOV, Ali Khalifa, as well as the mayor of Myslenice.

Also, the congress was held in conjunction with the Malopolska Festival, a much anticipated event in Poland, filled with food, dance and stalls teemed with local artisanal products. Dance groups came from Kenya, Pakistan, Peru, Paraguay, Brazil, Armenia, Bulgaria and Poland. Moreover, the festival/congress organizers provided food and accommodation for all participants. Polish press (television and radio) paid special attention to the event and interviewed the IOV president several times. Along with that, the top cultural officials in the city attended the opening ceremony and held banquets, which the president attended.