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International Folk Meetings, Małopolska Festival  takes place in Myślenice and Miechów. The Festival lasts for 10 days and collects 350 foreign artists from around the world.


On the basis of clearly determined objectives and realistic evaluated means, the global concept and the programming of an International Folklore Festival includes mainly the followings four elements:

The EXPRESSIONS of the traditional culture – music, singing, dancing, costumes, customs, handicraft, tales, traditional cooking, rituals, games, traditional instruments and others.

The INTERVENING PARTIES – artists, choreographers, musical directors, craftsmen, ethnologists, teachers, children and youngsters, the public of the festival, families, elders, and others.

The PARTNERS – cultural and social associations; local and regional folk groups; local, regional and national artists; local, regional and national governments; town halls, townships, regions, unions, schools, teachers, passport-vacations, conservatories, institutions, craftsmen guilds and, last but not least, the volunteers.

The ACTIVITIES – performances, exhibitions, conferences, games, contests, meetings, visits, training, symposia, demonstrations, parades, shops, tasting and others.

IOV-LogoAn International Folklore Festival is one of the means to safeguard, to promote and to diffuse traditional culture, mainly through such genres of expressions as music, dance, games, rituals, customs, know-how of handicraft and other arts. To be a significant contribution to the maintenance and enhancement of cultural identity and diversity, a folklore festival has to be implemented in an appropriate cultural context. Festival is supported by International Organization of Folk Art (IOV)

Bugle call of International Folk Meetings, Małopolska

The first edition of the Festival took place in July 2014 in Myślenice, Miechów and Wygiełzów  (POLAND, Małopolska Region). The International Folk Meetings, Małopolska  is a official event under the patronage of the Marshal of Małopolska Region. The main organizer of the festival is “Ziemia Myśleniacka” Folk, Song&Dance Ensemble. Participation in the festival is free of any charge for groups.

At an International Folk Meetings, Małopolska performers have primarily the place and role of artists. However, as participants of a cultural event, especially when it is implemented as a meeting place for cultures, they assume much broader cultural function.

The main sponsor of the festival is the Malopolska Region.

International Folk Meetings Malopolska 2014

International Folk Meetings Malopolska 2015

International Folk Meetings Malopolska 2016

International Folk Meetings Malopolska  2017

 International Folk Meetings Malopolska